Modélisation et Traitement Automatique des Langues des Signes

Sign Language Processing

Current PhD thesis

  • Mouvement analysis :
    Mohamed Benchiheub, "Analyse et modélisation des mouvements de la langue des signes française", doctoral school Sciences du Sport, de la Motricité et du Mouvement Humain (S2M2H) from Université Paris-Saclay. Based on the study of the corpus of motion capture MOCAP1.
    Supervisor A. Braffort, co-supervisor B. Berret (CIAMS, Université Paris-Sud).
  • Linguistic modelling and formal grammars for sign languages :
    Mohammed Hadjadj, "Traduction automatique du français écrit vers la langue des signes française à partir d'une grammaire formelle", doctoral school STIC from Université Paris-Saclay. Based on the study of a parallel corpus written French - video LSF from a collaboration with WebSourd compagny.
    Supervisor A. Braffort, co-supervisor M. Filhol.

Current projects and collaborations

  • Analysis using image processing :
    Exploration of methods for automatic analysis of movements in videos of LSF, using the corpora Dicta-Sign and MOCAP1.
    A. Braffort and M. Gouiffès (groupe AMIS).
  • Perception :
    Exploration of the understandability by deaf signing persons of LSF movements produced by a vietual signer with the aim to generate LSF animations that correspond to the needs of the users. Studies realised using the MOCAP corpus.
    A. Braffort, E. Prigent (groupe CPU) and B. Berret (CIAMS).
  • Production of linguistique resources :
    Project of constitution of a 3D LSF lexicon (lexical signs of LSF using animations of a virtual signer). Captation using a motion capture system in collaboration with CIAMS laboratory, Université Paris-Sud.
    A. Braffort et C. Verrecchia, in collaboration with Visuel-LSF.
  • Synthesis of sign languages :
    Generation of 3D animations from the linguistic representations designed in the team.
    M. Filhol, in collaboration with DePaul University at Chicago (USA), Université de Valenciennes (France), and DFKI (Germany).
  • Automatic and assisted translation txt -> LSF :
    Study of the deverbalisation (key step of the translation) for the design of software for translators in sign languages.
    M. Filhol, in collaboration with Interpretis (Toulouse) and Université de Genève (Switzerland).

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