Modélisation et Traitement Automatique des Langues des Signes

Sign Language Processing

Current PhD thesis

  • Analysis, recognition, machine learning
    2017-2020 : Valentin Belissen, "Analysis of gestural communication videos. Application to the French Sign Language".
    Supervisor A. Braffort, co-supervisor M. Gouiffès.
  • Movement perception
    2018-2021 : Félix Bigand, "Perception of French Sign Language: Contributions to the definition of the sign style of signers, application to the anonymization of animations by motion capture".
    Spervisor A. Braffort, co-supervisor E. Prigent.
  • Computer-assisted translation
    2018-2021 : Marion Kaczmarek, "Computer-assisted sign language translation".
    Supervisor A. Braffort, co-supervisor M. Filhol.

Recently defended thesis

  • Movement analusis
    Mohamed Benchiheub, "Contribution to the analysis of the 3D movements of the French Sign Language (LSF) in Action and Perception" (pdf in French).
    Supervisor A. Braffort, co-supervisor B. Berret (CIAMS, Université Paris-Sud).
  • Linguistic modelling
    Mohammed Hadjadj, "Modeling French Sign Language: a proposal forasemanticallycompositional system" (pdf in French).
    Supervisor A. Braffort, co-supervisor M. Filhol.

Current projects and collaborations

  • 2018-2021 : Rosetta 2 project (RObot de Sous-titrage Et Toute Traduction Adaptés. ) - PIA Grands défis du numérique
    Coordination for Limsi : A. Braffort.
    Development of an automatic generator of multilingual subtitles for television programmes and internet video content for deaf and hard of hearing people, based on artificial intelligence and animation of a virtual signer.
    Partners : Systran, MocapLab, access, CHArt-LUTIN, LIMSI.
  • Computer-assisted annotation
    2017-2020 : Exploration of methods for assisting annotation of LSF videos.
    PhD of H. Chaaban, supervisor M. Gouiffès, with the collaboration of A. Braffort.
  • Synthesis of sign languages :
    Generation of 3D animations from the linguistic representations AZee designed in the team.
    M. Filhol, in collaboration with J. McDonald and R. Wolfe (DePaul University, Chicago, USA) and A. Héloir (DFKI, Germany).
  • Computer-assisted translation txt -> LSF :
    Study of the deverbalisation (key step of the translation) for the design of software for translators in sign languages.
    M. Filhol, in collaboration with Interpretis (Toulouse), La Manufacture Digitale and Genève University (Switzerland).

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